About MoviePush

Welcome to MoviePush, a blog where you can read weekly articles / opinion pieces on movies and the film industry by Ross Bishop (that’s me BTW).

Originally the aim for MoviePush was to create a blog focused on movie marketing, news and advertising. However, as time went on this evolved into blog posts that were more frequently my thoughts on particular movies or franchises (and less about marketing). So rather than fight it, I’ve decided to change the focus of MoviePush.

The aim is to update MoviePush (at least) once a week with a blog post or article on something movie related. This could be a review of a recent movie I’ve seen, my thoughts on a film I’ve rewatched recently or my opinions on developments in the movie industry. I’ll probably throw in a few “Top Ten” style posts as well, as I always like to rank my favourite films of the year for example.

There are many movie and entertainment sites already in existence, many of which I regularly read so I’m not going to try and compete with them in terms of volume of content or exclusives or anything like that. This will be a place for one-off opinion based content, updated weekly by myself.

Well, that’s the plan anyway.

I’m also fairly active on Twitter, where I tweet mainly about movies and games. So if you’re interested, please follow me @RossBishop.