Sunday, 10 January 2021

Best Movies of 2020

2020, what an absolute sh*t show of a year, on a global and personal level, and even on a trivial level for movies too.

The movie landscape changed dramatically in 2020, with most movies either seeing delayed theatrical releases or going directly to streaming services. To the point where over half of my “Most Anticipated Movies of 2020” list will now be on my “Most Anticipated Movies of 2021” list and who knows now if these will actually end up being released in 2022!
It feels weird writing a best of films list for a year where most of the films I was waiting to see got delayed until 2021 (or beyond) and I only actually saw a few films in the cinema, but nonetheless I did see a selection of films and therefore I’m still going do a blogpost.


Technically incredible (staged as if it’s one continuous shot), riveting story and spectacular set-pieces. 1917 probably was my favourite movie of 2020.

I had no idea what to expect from Parasite, I was aware of the hype for the movie, but I hadn’t seen one trailer and I didn’t know anything about the setting. So it was all a complete surprise for me, and it what a brilliant / unique movie.

I’ve missed Pixar films like this, a genuinely original concept and story (it reminds me of Pixar era Ratatouille, Wall-e and UP). Such a shame this didn’t get a theatrical release.

A very pleasant surprise, a straightforward action movie but with some truly great action set-pieces – one of the best western made action movies since John Wick.

Tenet is by no means one of my favourite Christopher Nolan movies, but I did really enjoy it, and because it’s one of the few movies I actually got to see in the cinema in 2020, it definitely helps it stand out for me.

Da 5 Bloods
Again another complete surprise for me, I didn’t really know what to expect, but this part historical drama, part action adventure really stood out for me.

Bill & Ted Face The Music
This is how you make a follow-up to a beloved franchise decades after the previous instalment, I don’t think Bill & Ted is a perfect movie, but it is a perfect Bill & Ted movie. Absolutely brilliant.

The Gentlemen
Guy Ritchie back on top form, had a great time watching this in the cinema.


A few other film I saw this year, that I thought were enjoyable include: -
  • The Devil All The Time
  • Borat Subsequent Movie Film
  • WW84
  • Bad Boys For Life
  • Birds of Prey
  • Greyhound
  • The Willoughbys
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