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Top Ten Movies Of 2018

Another year, another Top Ten movies blogpost for MoviePush.
Top Ten Movies Of 2018
Last year was a pretty incredible year for movies, you can see my Top Ten Movies of 2017 for reference but I repeatedly called out how I thought it was one of the best years ever for quality movies and could have easily been a Top Twenty. 

2018 has been another really strong year for movies, is it just me or are blockbusters getting consistently better? Or is it just the movies I like happen to be pretty great at the moment? 

Also, worth highlighting is that 6 of the movies across my Top Ten and honourable mentions are Netflix Original Films (up from only 2 in 2017), so say what you will, but Netflix are clearly changing the landscape with their original film content and it's beginning to reach a tipping point.

Anyway the Top Ten list was particularly hard for me this year, and as a result I’ve had to cheat a little bit when it comes to the top spot… here we go...


10 - Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

9 - Aquaman 

8 - Coco

7 - Game Night

6 - The Night Comes For Us

5 - Black Panther

4 - The Quiet Place

So for the first time, I couldn't decide on a number one film, and as a result my top 3 films are my number 1. Hey, it's my list and that's how it goes. So in joint first place are: - 

1 - Avengers: Infinity War / Mission Impossible: Fallout / Spider-Man: Into The SpiderVerse

So many positive feeling on these 3 films, which made it virtually impossible to put one above the other. 

Avengers: Infinity War was definitely my most anticipated movies of the year and it over-delivered on the hype in my opinion. But Mission Impossible: Fallout delivered the most riveting action movie / spy thriller in years, with Tom Cruise absolutely smashing it (again), and then we have Spider-Man: Into The SpiderVerse which arguably delivered the best (solo) superhero movie in years with an incredibly innovative animation style that I loved!

In addition to my Top Ten, I also have some honourable mentions that I highly recommend you check out (five of them are on Netflix, so you could watch them now!)


The Ballard of Buster Scruggs
They Shall Not Grow Old
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
22 July
Outlaw King
Batman Ninja

What were you're favourite movies of 2018?

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