Monday, 5 February 2018

Top 5 Super Bowl Movie Trailers 2018

Happy New Movie Trailers Day!
Super Bowl Movie Trailers 2018
Yes, it was the Super Bowl this weekend and with it comes a load of new movie trailers for some of my most anticipated movies for 2018. Here’s my top 5 movie trailers from the 2018 Super Bowl!

Solo: A Star Wars Story
This is more an extended tease or announcement trailer for the REAL “story” movie trailer that’s being released tomorrow. Very little is given away, it’s essentially a collection of images, and we don’t even get a full look at Han Solo.
Avengers: Infinity War
30 seconds isn’t really enough time to successfully communicate the premise of an upcoming movie, especially one on the scale of Avengers: Infinity War. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want the story ruined, but the audience for the Super Bowl is much more main stream and this doesn’t really set-up the premise of the film for general audiences. Still love it though...

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
The first trailer felt like it was full of “seen it before” moments that just happened to be in front of an exploding volcano. This new trailer is much more in keeping with the rumoured “horror focused tone”. As a result, this is a much more interesting movie trailer.

Mission Impossible:  Fallout
Tom Cruise is back doing over the top stunts in the latest Mission Impossible instalment, however rather than being confined to 30 seconds, we actually get a full movie trailer online! This looks like exactly what I want from this franchise; exciting stunts and thrilling action. Can’t wait for this.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Skyscraper, but judging by the movie trailer it looks like it could almost be a remake of Die Hard?

Well that’s my top 5 movie trailers from the 2018 Super Bowl, did I miss any you prefer? Red Sparrow? The Cloverfield Paradox?

Excited to see all these new movies?

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