Thursday, 19 October 2017

Black Panther Shows New Art Style For Marvel Movie Posters

The new poster for Black Panther was released last weekend and I think it shows a trend for new Marvel Studios movie poster designs going forwards.
Black Panther Movie Poster Cropped
I recently blogged about how I loved the Thor Ragnarok posters, and although I don’t think the Black Panther poster is quite as good it’s very similar in layout and design.

Whereas previous Marvel Studios movie posters have followed the stale floating heads and bodies used for most blockbuster movies. The new Black Panther and Thor Ragnarok movie poster have taken a different approach, see below…
Black Panther Movie PosterThor Ragnarok Movie Poster
Both posters share similarities, both are very symmetrical in nature, both use a key art design as the background which the characters are placed in front of but also feel integrated into. The logos and additional film information is at the bottom, with the actors names along the top.

When you see them side by side, the layout design similarities are very obvious, don't you think?

Yes, they’re technically still floating heads and bodies, but the layout is much more engaging and just genuinely well designed.

Hopefully this art style is used for future movies as I really like it, however I imagine the Avengers: Infinity War poster will be particularly crowded…

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