Monday, 25 September 2017

How Do Women Pose On Movie Posters

Last week saw the release of the new Tomb Raider movie poster.
Tomb Raider Movie Poster Cropped
Disregarding the horrible Photoshop work done on Alicia Vikander's neck, the poster does show our heroine in very familiar pose… The obligatory from behind, looking over her shoulder pose. This seems to be the standard position when including women on movie posters, here’s a few more examples.

Firstly, the full un-cropped version of the Tomb Raider movie poster.
Tomb Raider Movie Poster
And now a few more, in case you don't believe me or haven't noticed this before...
Of course, it not always women who face this treatment, even The Winter Soldier when promoting the Captain America sequel got to show off his behind.
So do you think it's about time Hollywood start promoting movies with women in a different position on movie posters?

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