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Ross Bishop's Top Ten Films Of 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the MoviePush blog, but thought I’d chime in with my favourite films of 2013 as the end of the year approaches.

I thought the list would be quite hard to write as by half way through the year I’d seen less than a handful of films I’d consider worthy of being included in a top ten, with the best story and emotionally impactful narrative I’d seen being in a computer game. My top ten films would usually include a lot of the summer blockbusters yet these were also disappointing, they were solid but didn’t blow me away. Then in the second half of the year it was the smaller films this year that really got me excited, don’t get me wrong there’s still a few big franchise movies included in the list…

One disclaimer - as I don’t review films professionally (as much as I’d like too) I haven’t seen every film released this year and 47 Ronin and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty have just been released in the UK so haven’t had a chance to check them out yet either!

And on that note, lets begin…

10. Iron Man 3 (9/10)
I’ll be honest I didn’t enjoy Iron Man 3 the first time I saw it, it was such a WTF type of movie I really had mixed feelings about it. However after watching it several times recently with reset expectations I’ve come to appreciate the clever dialogue and unique take on it’s villains and as such it just scraps into the top 10.

9. Captain Phillips (9.5/10)
Although I very much enjoyed the gripping story of Captain Philips it wasn’t until the last 5 minutes when Tom Hanks delivered one of the most memorable performances of the year that the film really stepped up to another level.

8. Rush (9.5/10)
Proving Chris Hemsworth’s diversity and telling an exciting story between the rivalry of two F1 racers, Rush was a genuine surprise for quality film-making.

7. Django Unchained (9.5/10)
In May, I still thought Tarantino’s western was going to be my film of the year, yet the second half of the year was so strong it knocked it back a few places. Leonardo DiCaprio again delivers a excellent performance and proofs why he’s the best actor of his generation.

6. Gravity (9.5/10)
A stunning film with incredible special effects, which (excuse the cliché) really is a rollercoaster ride the first time you experience it. However my only concern is how this film will stand up when rewatching without the big screen or the 3D. Only time will tell…

5. Mud (9.5/10)
Told from the point of view of two boys, this drama set in the deep south tells and interesting story of courage and love, and was also at one point my film choice for favourite of the year.

4. The Worlds End (9.5/10)
It may not have the budget of most of the films on this list, but the story and dialogue of The Worlds End are masterfully crafted, which becomes even more impressive with multiple viewings.

3. Thor: The Dark World (9.5/10)
Technically this isn’t the third best film on the list, but it is definitely the movie I had the most fun watching in the cinema this year. I absolutely loved it and it lived up to the hype of following The Avengers (whereas I don’t think Iron Man 3 quite did).

2. The Impossible (10/10)
Wow. This film contains the most impressive and gripping sequence all year in the first 20 minutes and then tells a families heart felt journey of survival for the remaining run time. This film wasn’t even on my radar at the start of 2013 but will be remembered for a long time yet.

1. The Last Of Us (10/10)
Ok, I get that this is actually a Playstation 3 game, but no movie I saw in the cinema this year had me gripped or as invested in the narrative as Naughty Dog’s absolute masterpiece. The game tells its story very cinematically and deserves to be played and seen by as many people possible.

A few mentions of films that just missed the top ten which includes Trance, Saving Mr Banks, Zero Dark Thirty and the animated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns two part adaption that was released direct to video.

Worst Film of the Year
A Good Day To Die Hard
Seriously, one of the worst films of the year (and probably the century), I honestly wish it didn’t exist. Bruce Willis barely even bothers to act and looks half asleep in almost every scene, the action is cut so awkwardly you can’t see what’s going on and the story makes literally no sense. A shame on the people who put this together and slapped the Die Hard name on it.

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