Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bruce Willis Confirms Die Hard 6 Also Doesn't Like Title of Die Hard 5

Bruce Willis is currently in the midst of a press tour for the new Die Hard movie A Good Day To Die Hard, and was just interviewed on the BBC TV show The One Show. As part of the interview one of the presenters asked "Are we likely to see a sixth instalment?" to which Willis nodded and said "Yes, they'll be a Die Hard 6."

Interestingly enough it also appears he's not a fan of the fifth film in series title. He asked the presenters what they thought of the title and if they thought it made sense. He actually brought it up several times "A Good Day To... Die Hard? I don't know if that makes any sense..."

I'm sure the PR team love the fact that their lead actor is openly saying he doesn't think the title is any good. I'm guessing he had a different choice which didn't get selected for the final film.

What do you think of the title or the news of a Die Hard 6?

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