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Ross Bishop's 13 Most Anticipated Films of 2013

I've been struggling to write this post, not because there aren't many good films coming out in 2013, just there aren't many that excite me as much as compared to the 2012 releases.

Personally I think 2012 in the cinema will be hard pressed to be beaten (ever), at least based on the films that appeal to my interests. Last year saw the release of a Batman, a Spider-Man and a James Bond film, as well as the first true super-hero collaboration in The Avengers. All of these franchises I have loved since I was a child, so to get new versions of them all was a geeks dream! They weren't necessarily all the best films in their respective franchises, but they provided the awesome anticipation that no other films do for me.

So whilst I am excited for the 2013 releases, it's nowhere near on the scale I was for the films in 2012. With that said these are the Top Thirteen films I'm looking forward to in 2013...

Man of Steel
I can not tell you how many times I've watched the second trailer for this Superman re-boot, I get chills every time. If the film delivers the same emotional punch the trailer did than I'll be very happy!

Iron Man 3
The second instalment really let this series down, but The Avengers delivered in spades and the initial trailers for this look like this could bring Iron Man back to top form.

Star Trek Into Darkness
I was never a Star Trek fan, but the 2009 film was incredibly good and this looks terrific so far. Fingers crossed this is a solid sequel that takes it to the next level.

Thor: The Dark World
I really enjoyed the first film, so I'm extremely interested to see where this movie takes us. We've seen very little marketing so far apart from some behind the scenes footage, but hoping Marvel deliver.

Kick Ass 2
Another film with no official promotional material released yet, this is here purely based on my love of the first film. Fingers crossed this is of a similar standard.

A Good Day To Die Hard
I didn't mind the fourth film in the series, but it was definitely not on the same level as the first three. John McClane was played more as a super-hero than an every man, which caused a few problems. But the marketing for this instalment so far feels like a proper Die Hard film, so fingers crossed they've got it right!

Django Unchained
Yes, for us UK folk this is a 2013 release. It looks great and all the reviews are glowing, so I can't wait for this (only one week left until I'll see it!).

Monster University
I wish Pixar would get back to original stories with new characters, but at least if they doing a prequel at least this one is based on a solid duo who I'd like to see more of.

Fast and Furious 6
For a film series whose last instalment was the most successful critically and commercially it's a surprise the movie marketing has yet to start. Fast Five was a solid heist flick, so hoping this continues the trend.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
I really enjoyed part one, so I'm excited to see where the journey takes us...

Pacific Rim
Giant robots fighting giant aliens. Need I say anymore.

The premise sounds cool, but this is on the list purely because it's made by the guy who did District 9 alone.

I'm a sucker for beautiful and lush CGI visuals and this film seems to have bucket loads.

One last release (which technically makes the list 14) is Cloud Atlas. I think the trailer and premise look incredible, but the film has received very mixed reviews so will have to wait and see about this.

Anyway that's the films I'm most looking forward too in 2013, what about you?

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