Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Man With The Golden Gun - Reviewing Bond 50 Blu-Ray

As I was watching The Man With The Golden Gun I realised I’ve never actually seen the whole film (or I couldn’t remember a lot of the first hour). I’ve definitely watched it from the boat/car chase onwards, but a lot of the earlier scenes felt new to me.

However, I really enjoyed the film and I’d put in on par with Live And Let Die, although this felt more like a traditional Bond film with more tropical location. Phuket was looks just beautiful and I’d love to go on holiday there. However some of karate / dojo scenes feel a bit forced in to the narrative but apart from that

I enjoyed Roger Moore’s performance again thoroughly. Before I started reviewing the Bond 50 Blu-Ray boxset I mentioned I wasn’t a huge Roger Moore fan compared to the other Bond’s but I think I’d have to go back on myself as he works well in the films and appears to do most of his own stunts and fight scenes.

Again as with Live and Let Die, the blu-ray contains a picture that is almost completely full screen which looks incredible. It's really great watching a film that’s almost 40 years only in crystal clear clarity.

I watched the Bond documentary Everything or Nothing last month and in that I’m sure they said The Man With The Golden Gun wasn’t well received, but I can’t see why it feels like a very traditional Bond film and I really enjoyed it.


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