Monday, 5 November 2012

Reviewing Bond 50 Blu-ray (James Bond 007)

I have recently purchased the Bond 50 Blu-ray box-set and plan to watch all of the James Bond 007 films in chronological order. I’m interested to see if this changes my thoughts about the series as I’ll be re-reviewing them from a “matured” perspective. I’m also curious to see if watching them in order, you will be able to see each one building and trying to top the last one.

I’ve always been a huge Bond fan, ever since I saw Licence to Kill premiere on TV when I was seven I’ve been hooked. The first Bond film I saw in the cinema was Goldeneye so the obsession went into overdrive after that.
I’ve seen all of the Bond films, as when I was younger I recorded all of them from the TV to get the full set.

Although I’ve seen them all, some I’ve only really watched once or twice when I was a boy, especially the Roger Moore one’s as I’m not a huge fan of his films (with the exceptions Live and Let Die and The Spy Who Loved Me). So I haven’t ever re-watched them all properly since I’ve gained a more critical eye. I obviously watch my favourite’s quite a bit and the Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan one’s I’ve seen the most as these are the ones that I’ve grown up with being released theatrically.

My current favourites are Goldfinger, Thunderball, Licence to Kill (purely for nostalgia reasons!), Goldeneye, Casino Royale and most recently Skyfall. My least favorites are Octupussy and Die Another Day. However I’m wondering if this will change (or any will be added to the list) when I re-watch them.

So now you know where I’m coming from, over the next month or so I will be adding mini re-reviews to MoviePush of all the James Bond films in the franchise.

Starting with Dr No and From Russia With Love soon…

Hope you enjoy.

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