Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Goldfinger - Reviewing Bond 50 Blu-ray

So my review of the Bond 50 blu-ray boxset continues with a true classic... Goldfinger.

Originally released in 1964, this is the third Bond film starring Sean Connery. It is also the first Bond that really encompassed all the elements that make up the (now well known) Bond cocktail – the girls, the guns, the gadgets, a villain with a unique side-kick, the elaborate traps, etc. For many this is the pinnacle of Bond films (though probably now closely followed by Skyfall).

First Sean Connery as Bond, he really is the classic and the best. Watching his performance as 007 was really quite interesting and nostalgic as he carries a balance of arrogance and charisma around him that none of the new Bond truly match (Daniel Craig comes close but brings more emotional weight to the role).

It really is quite remarkable that a film almost 50 years old stands up as well as this does, with the exception of the few ‘spoof reminding’ (thanks Austin Powers!) moments it is a joy to watch. I really had fun, the one-liners come off naturally and it really shows how much Bond has done for modern day action films.

The picture quality of the blu-ray also looks stunning. There's a few shots that don't appear to have been reworked (which is abit jarring when everything else is crystal clear) but on the whole this film looks incredible. Dr No and From Russia With Love were also of a similar standard (but without any poor shots) so are actually better overall.

One thing the blu-ray transfers do highlight though are any dodgey special effects or green screen shots. But considering the time period this can be forgiven.

Goldfinger remains one of the best Bond films and is still one of my favourites.


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