Sunday, 18 November 2012

Diamonds Are Forever - Reviewing Bond 50 Blu-Ray

I seem to remember having very fond memories of Diamonds Are Forever, but after re-watching it I'm not really sure why. It is definitely the weakest of the 007 films I've watched from the Bond 50 Blu-Ray yet.

Whereas You Only Live Twice went big and over-the-top and On Her Majesty's Secret Service grounded the series with some awesome action sequences. Diamonds makes things smaller, remove's most of the action as well as anything interesting. There's not really any gadgets and the most memorable set-piece is the car on two wheels in Las Vegas.

Diamonds doesn't really have any flaws per-se but the film prior to it (OHMSS) was so well structured and paced, it's hard to really get excited or be impressed with this film.

Yes, they got Sean Connery back, but he came back for a pretty poor film so it's a bit pointless. He also doesn't seem as interested playing the role and therefore becomes less charming, he does a few funny one-liners though.

The HD picture is pretty crisp and consistent, however I would say it's not quite as sharp as the previous films in the series.

The film isn't terrible and it's an easy watch, but nothing overly memorable or exciting happens in it. The theme song is a classic and if it wasn't for that, this would probably be one of the more forgettable Bond films.


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