Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My Thoughts on Looper

I was lucky enough to catch an early pre-screening of Looper last night, and I'm glad I did! It’s a clever film with a great cast, interesting concept and smart ideas.

To discuss Looper’s story would do the film an injustice, if you’ve seen the trailer you know the basic concept of the film, but the movie marketing hasn't really given away the plot. You’ll understand what I mean once you’ve seen it, and I fully recommend that you do.

What I particularly enjoyed was the way the film tells a complete story and left no story threads untied, yet at the same time there’s a lot of points that are left for the viewer to interpret and piece together themselves. This is a hard thing to do successfully, usually when a film leaves plot points up to the viewers interpretation, the film feels unfinished and not thought through (Prometheus comes to mind), yet to give a story multiple layers and feel complete is a very special thing.

Joseph Gordon Levitt, Bruce Willis and the supporting cast give great performances, with Willis being on the best form I’ve seen in a long time! There’s one particularly good and chilling performance, but to even mention who it is will ruin half the film.

My only slight criticism would be that the pacing slows down about two thirds of the way through, this is necessary for the story and characters but feels slow compared to the rest of the film.

Although Looper is very much it’s own film, you can see influences from other sci-fi classics, including Blade Runner, Terminator 2 and even Akira though-out.

Overall a very entertaining and thought provoking film (a rarity in cinema these days). Definitely check it out.


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