Saturday, 4 August 2012

Visually Interesting Trailers, Vague Story Details

Last week saw the release of two movie trailers for two extremely ambitious looking films: Cloud Atlas and Life of Pi. Being released so close together I couldn’t help but notice the similarities in the emotional response I felt about both the movie trailers.

For both of them my initial thoughts were “That LOOKS incredible, but I don’t really know what it’s about.” They both showcase visually interesting and beautiful scenes and neither give too much of the films story away.

You get vague impression of what the plot could be, but some of the imagery is so surreal and literally other-worldly I wouldn’t bet much money on saying I know what the movies are about.

I think for Life of Pi, this is probably intentional. The story is potentially too complex (or abstract) to explain in a trailer, so the movie will be sold on the mystique imagery (which I imagine will look incredible in 3D).

Cloud Atlas on the other hand, does try to explain the story. Given the fact the trailer is almost 6 minutes long and it was preceded by an introduction from the directors saying they were trying to explain the films premise. However the fact that it didn’t end up explaining it, I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing as I’m intrigued to see the movie and find out more.

So I was sold on both movies basically because of their pretty pictures. Is this a bad thing or the fact that I want to see two films without having the story spoiled for me before hand actually a better way to market a movie?

What do you think?

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