Saturday, 2 June 2012

Prometheus Movie Review

Oh dear.

What can I say, another film where it's movie marketing has built up so much hype that the final product doesn't come close to delivering the excitement it's advertising promises.

Prometheus isn't a bad film, the first half is very strong, the acting is good and there are some great moments. However it feels a bit muddled between the story it wants to tell and the restrictions posed on it by trying to link it to the alien universe.

Also, the thing that Prometheus is ultimately missing is one continuos and building threat. There is not a focused antagonist that builds any sense of suspense or anticipation for the audience. Maybe this was done on purpose to avoid having the exact same story as the first Alien, but it feels weak and a bit of a mess.

When the shit hits the fan (so to speak) the movie loses its way and goes all over the place for about half an hour. There are several different threats that pose a danger to the crew, but they are generally killed off (or disappear never to be seen again) in the same scene they first appeared. None of them really link together either, so it feels like a bunch of random events (and creatures) just happen to take out most of crew. When the film does get one focused enemy it's literally ten minutes before it ends.

Technically the film looks stunning, the cinematography, CG and 3D all look great. But this sort of tricks you into thinking you're watching a much better film than you actually are.

Prometheus isn't a terrible film, but nowhere near as good as the movie marketing would lead you to believe.


Also, bit of a geeky thing and MASSIVE SPOILER so stop reading unless you've seen the film. But there is a huge continuity error at the end of film that doesn't tie up with Alien. Basically the space jockey that this whole film's premise was conceived from dies in a completely different place to where the crew in Alien find him (years later).

WTF? Seriously why spend the time making a movie to tie things up if you're going to then make a choice like that?! It doesn't make sense. Rant over.

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