Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Nokia Exclusive

Movie marketing for The Dark Knight Rises is well and truly underway.

Now Nokia and Warner Bros have teamed up to give us a brand new trailer, exclusively available for viewing on the Nokia YouTube channel. You can see the embed below: -


Honestly I think this is easily the best trailer they’ve released for the film yet. It builds hype, is exciting, full of action and still doesn’t really give any of the story away. This is what they should of released in May as the final official trailer and played in front of The Avengers. The video is currently an exclusive to Nokia, but I think Warner Bros would be stupid not to release this in cinemas!

Nokia has released this as a way to push their new Limited Edition Lumia 900 phone (which I’m sure will be featured in the film). If you go to the official Nokia page, an advert takes over the screen that promotes the phone more than the film, see screen grab below: -
The Dark Knight Rises Nokia Advert
Personally, it may not sale more phones, but its sure building the anticipation even more the the film's release!

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