Friday, 8 June 2012

Marketing The Amazing Spider-Man Shows Too Much

Has there been too much movie marketing for the Amazing Spider-Man? Let me explain my thoughts…
The Amazing Spider-Man
I watched a new featurette for the Amazing Spider-Man today and it started me thinking about the above question. By too much movie marketing, I don’t mean the actual volume of marketing itself, as with every big budget movie the amount and frequency of advertising increases on the build up to release date. What I really mean is the content of this marketing…

The new featurette is probably the best place to start with this point, it’s a feature on the Lizard and not only does it include several very clear shots of the Lizard it also includes him speaking as well. This should be a reveal left for the film itself surely? You can see the clip below: -
At this rate, there’s not really going to be many surprises left for the film itself. I get that there’s a lot of money invested in the film and it needs to be advertised, but you can build hype for a film without showing
everything. This is the third of these types of feature, which would usually be reserved for DVD/Blu-ray special features as they show a lot of clips it assumes people have already seen.

Remember in addition to these features there has been a teaser trailer, three trailers, various international trailers, tv spots, several film clips and then also a 4 minute super-preview and another 6-minute trailer which played in front of MIB3 in the US (or Prometheus in the UK).  Again lots of movie marketing (which isn’t necessarily unusual for a film of this scale), but there has been so much of the film shown I’m concerned what’s left that I’m actually going to be paying to see.

Add to this the stuff they haven’t really shown is a re-telling of the origin story, which has arguably already been told in the original film ten years ago.

I don’t want to sound like I’m ranting, as everything I’ve seen looks great and I’m really excited for this re-boot of Spider-Man. I’m just surprised how much has been shown prior to the release of the film, which is still almost a month away...

What do you think?

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