Monday, 18 June 2012

Create A Dark Knight Rises TV Spot

The Dark Knight Rises movie marketing is getting fully underway, and now it's your turn to contribute to the films advertising.

Warner Bros. and Chrysler are holding a contest where anyone can create their own tv spot for the upcoming film. All you have to do is log on to the website Imported from Gotham City, where you can download all the assets (split into film clips, audio and titles) and then re-edit them into a new 25-second TV spot.

The films director Christopher Nolan will choose the winner, who will win a trip to New York to attend the red carpet premiere and potentially have their tv spot air on TV (or i'm sure it'll be released on the internet).

This is a great bit of movie marketing, because although there can only be one winner, I'm sure there will be a huge volume of people creating (and sharing) their versions of the tv spot online. So Warner Bros will basically have a load of free advertising posted and spread for them in addition to the large amounts they're currently producing themselves.

Great viral marketing idea?

Maybe it was this great "fan made" poster that inspired them?

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