Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman Movie Review

I was excited for Snow White and the Huntsman ever since I saw the first teaser trailer. I really dug the look and feel, but usually when the movie marketing for a film looks overly stylised the finished product doesn't always live up to it or the story falls flat. Not so here...

Count me impressed, SWATH delivers on nearly all fronts with great acting, a good story, exciting sequences and truly magical special effects.

Technically the film is outstanding. The sheer amount of creativity and fantasy on screen in SWATH is absolutely stunning. Although I imagine most of it is CG, it looks completely real for the most part. The costume designs are all incredible, dark, gothic and fit realistically into this world. And the dwarfs special effect is even better than that deployed by the Hobbits.

The acting is good, with Charlize Theron the stand-out playing the wicked witch and Chris Hemsworth the titular Huntsman. Kirsten Stewart does ok and plays her part adequately but she definitely isn't outstanding.

If anything the middle drags (but only slightly) and then at other times the story point feel slightly rushed. But otherwise this is a very stylised and satisfying summer blockbuster.


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