Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Underwhelms?

A global viral campaign has led to the gradual release of the new (and supposedly final) The Dark Knight Rises trailer which if I'm honest I'm slightly disappointed with.

I've read a lot of post over the web saying how incredible and earth shattering this new trailer is. But it's really not, the final film itself may be incredible, but this trailer isn't. Compare the final trailer for The Dark Knight to this and tell me honestly which film has the better movie marketing.

It plays out more like an extended teaser with no real plot points given away, but just a collection of dis-connected sound bites and screenshots. This may help the final film experience, in that none of the story or set-up has been given away. However in light of seeing the huge and amazing experience that is The Avengers, I can't help but feel this new trailer underwhelms...

It's main money shot is a stadium implosion we have already scene and the one scene that truly impresses is literally saved for the last second. I'm a bit confused how a film that's being sold as "the epic conclusion" doesn't currently feel overly epic.

Look I don't want a lazy trailer that just gives away a film's story beats one by one, but I do want to be hyped for a film. See the Prometheus trailer for a perfect example of this. I feel the hype for this film is currently being driven by the goodwill carried over from The Dark Knight rather than anything we've seen from TDKR.

Is it just me, or is anyone else not blown away by this trailer?

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