Sunday, 7 August 2011

Super 8 Movie Marketing Review

Films how they used to be made...

I really enjoyed Super 8, not only because it was a genuinely good film but also because of the nostalgic film–making on display. This really is a love letter to the films of Spielberg from the 70s and 80s (or even Jurassic Park to a certain extent), focusing primarily on the characters amongst the action and magic. The big reveal of the alien being restrainedly saved until the third act of the film, a rarity in this world of cinema. In fact with the exception of the top CGI special effects (and the annoying JJ Abrams trademark lens flares), I could have sworn this movie was made 25years ago.

The marketing for Super 8 has played heavily on the old-school nostalgia, however the first teaser that was released is particularly impressive (something I wrote about previously on MoviePush).

Although this particular sequence is in the movie, none of the shots are, the whole train crash in the film is shown and filmed from the main characters perspective. I love this idea for marketing a movie, having a teaser trailer that sets the tone and shows an action sequence, but doesn’t actually give any of the film away. Genius.

Movie Review - 8.5/10
Marketing Review - 9/10
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