Friday, 5 August 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Story Spoilers (Possibly)

I’m a bit shocked by how much is being revealed from The Dark Knight Rises shoot so far, to the point where I’ve seen so much I’m pretty sure I have worked out a lot of the films plot or at least some of the main story points. I’m disappointed as well to be honest as I’d prefer to find this all out in the film itself.

The sequence being shot now in Pittsburgh is obviously a key scene in the film as we have seen shots of Batman, Bane, Marion Cotillard's character and now Catwoman on the Bat-Pod all on the steps outside the building. These could potentially end up being part of the climax, so I’m really surprised it’s being shot in such a public place! Especially considering how secretive Chris Nolan usually is with his films and their storylines.

Just because a script hasn’t leaked I don’t think it’s hard to work out some of the story points I’ve listed below.

Please note this is all speculation, I have no inside knowledge or details of The Dark Knight Rises story so this is my best guess based on everything revealed so far.

1) Although Marion Cotillard is detailed as playing Miranda Tate (a Wayne Enterprise board member) in the film, I think it’s pretty obvious she will be revealed to be Talia Al Ghul (Ra’s Al Ghul daughter) part way through the film. Using her position within the company she will stumble upon 3 prototype Tumbler’s (same vehicles as the Batmobile) and take them to help with her plan (whatever that may be).

2) Bane will break the majority of the in-mates out of Arkham Asylum and cause mass riots throughout Gotham.

3) Bane and Taila Al Ghul will be working together, hence why Bane was seen with the Tumblers as she gets them to him. I think their relationship will be more equal than Bane purely being a dumb henchman. Taila will likely be the leader, where as Bane will be the commander.

4) Catwoman/Selina Kyle is an ally to Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. I come to this conclusion based on the promo image showing her using the Batpod and the fact her mask looks very similar to the tech we’ve seen Batman use in the previous films. This also makes sense in that if the villains are a man and women, having Batman and Catwoman as the two heroes allows for a pretty good dual fight scene at the end of the film.

5) I think Catwoman/Selina Kyle will potentially sit alongside Batman as a step-in for Robin, so they’re relationship may be a bit different to what we’re use to in the comics.

6) Although Selina Kyle will essentially become Catwoman, I don’t think anyone in the film will ever refer to her as such. Hence why all the press releases have only said Anne Hathaway is playing Selina Kyle. Similar to Two Face in The Dark Knight, Harvey had a nickname “Two-Face” but no one calls him that once he’s scarred.

7) The flowers from Batman Begins that create the fear toxin will have some part in the storyline, the mask that Bane wears will either be a gas mask to protect him from it (similar to Scarecrow) or will inject a certain form of it into his body.

8) The Dark Knight Rises title references Batman’s return to glory as a symbol of hope for the Gotham citizens (by the end of the film).

9) Liam Neeson will be in the film during flash back sequences that take place during the same time period Bruce was getting trained in Batman Begins, something that happens here will have importance in the context of Rises storyline.

10) Talia Al Ghul motivations for the film will be to finish her dad’s mission to destroy Gotham and avenge his death.

11) Batman will be in hiding for the first portion of the film, following the outcome and his decision at the end of The Dark Knight. Bane’s part in releasing the prisoners from Arkham will initiate his return.

That’s the main points I think I’ve worked out, have you got any more or disagree with anything I’ve said?

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