Friday, 8 July 2011

The New Inbetweeners Movie Trailer Launches On Facebook

Guess what this post is about... Well it's fairly straight-forward, the new movie trailer for The Inbetweeners Movie has been released and at the moment (at least) it's exclusive to Facebook users through the official fan page.

You can see The Inbetweeners Movie Trailer here.

Really looking forward to this, hoping it lives up to (or even better surpasses) the tv series. The only thing I'd say about the trailer is that it probably relies a bit too much on Jay and his clunge jokes, where as the tv series was usually told from Simon's perspective.

I can't wait though, The Inbetweeners has easily been my favourite TV show for the last 2 years! Bring on August 19th and don't forget your wellies...

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