Thursday, 28 July 2011

Movies Based On Board Games Now? Here Comes Battleship...

So Hollywood have already ravaged super heroes, novels, tv series, toys, comic books, musicals, action figures, cartoons and many more things in an effort to build movies around already established properties. Well it would appear now that this extends to board games (yes you read that right) as ladies and gentleman I present to you Battleship the movie...

To be fair, it doesn’t look that bad to begin with, in a “we’re completely ripping off how Michael Bay shot Transformers” kind of way. But if they’re going to make a film where the Navy and the Aliens are forced to take turns in attacking each other in a confined area (which by the end of the trailer it looks like they could be) then how is anyone really going to buy into that?!

Personally I think it’d be better to just make the same film, give it an original name and get rid of any forced restrictions applied by the rules set out in the board game. I don’t know about you, but Hollywood’s obsession with making movies based on existing properties to play it safe is getting ridiculous. If anything the fact this is based on a board game is putting me off, if it was exactly the same trailer and it was an “original” property I’d probably want to see it more.

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