Friday, 15 July 2011

Harry Potter Movie Marketing Takes Over The Web

If you didn’t already know, today sees the release of the final instalment of Harry Potter franchise and with this comes a huge movie push and a bombardment of marketing over the internet. So thought I’d highlight some of the stuff I’ve seen.

This is was on the MSN homepage, it starts off as a fairly standard full wrap and trailer embed, as is pretty standard for big budget movie advertising. However it adds a layer of interactivity by giving you the option to “Choose A Side”. If you click on Harry the homepage moves to the side and you get and full shot of him and then version of the movie trailer that focuses on Harry begins to play. If you clock on Voldermort, you get his version. It’s a pretty cool idea.
The second was on Youtube, which was the usual thing they do on launch day with a wrap and trailer playing.
The last thing was on Empire Online, although no obvious advertising banners were on display the amount of editorial, video and general PR content all on the homepage was pretty staggering...
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