Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cars 2 Movie Marketing Review

I’m disappointed with Cars 2, not just with the movie itself but the fact that Pixar made it in the first place. I’m not going to write a load on Cars 2 just being a vehicle (no pun intended) to sell some more merchandise (I’ve done that in a blog post before) but watching the film does nothing to dispel that theory.
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Pixar is a company that has always maintained that story comes first, and when it comes to Cars 2, the story is its weakest link. Everything else is amazing and of the highest quality like you’d expect from a Pixar film (graphics, action sequences, sounds, voice acting, etc are all top notch), but it’s all in vain when the story and characters don’t glue it all together.

The characters are forgettable; you just have no interest in most of them and therefore have no desire for them to succeed. When all the spectacular action takes place in the films gorgeous locations I was just thinking “I wish I could see The Incredibles in this sequence” instead.

Mater is the main star (don’t let the fact Lightning McQueen is the biggest character on the poster fool you) and he’s just annoying, yet the main theme of the film is some weak attempt at “just be yourself” but as an audience when you only tolerating him why do you want him to keep acting that way?

Although I think the first Cars film is the weakest of the Pixar films it still felt like a Pixar film (as the story focused on the characters and their relationships), but any studio could have made Cars 2 (in terms of its story structure). It doesn’t help that the 5 minute short beforehand “Toy Story – Hawaii Vacation” is a perfect piece of film-making and delivers everything you’d expect from Pixar.

Oh, and don't get me started on the product placement...

Movie Review – 6/10
Marketing Review – 6/10

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