Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Officially Released Early

Well it looks like Marvel and Sony Pictures have taken a different approach to the bootleg leak of The Amazing Spider-Man trailer than Warner Bros did with The Dark Knight Rises.

Where as Warner Bros spent a week pulling down boot-leg versions of The Dark Knight Rises trailer, within 24 hours of the Spider-Man trailer leaking it has officially been put online in glorious HD. See below...

I'll admit it's a bit weird seeing an origin story being told in Spider-Man trailer again so soon after the original trilogy. So it does make me ask is this film really going to be worth it, or is it just more of the same with a slightly more realistic feel.

It's good (and quite surprising) to see so much of the film a year in advance of it's release though. There's a lot of footage being shown, but I think the best bit is definitely the last 30 seconds where we have Spider-Man point of view action. Personally if I was releasing a teaser I'd probably have just released that 30 seconds, I think that would get people more hyped and definitely be more of a tease!

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