Wednesday, 1 June 2011

X-Men First Class Movie Marketing Review

So to conclude my mini-trilogy of posts that have filled MoviePush for the last three days, I now have my X-Men: First Class review.
X-Men: First Class Movie Poster
I’ll start by saying it feels like a real film, rather than your typical superhero movies that tell an origin story (and has obviously been tampered with from every aspect of the movie studio), this tells an original story from start to finish that just so happens to have mutants as the main characters. The film strikes a great balance between the vibe of the James Bond movies of the 60s and pulling superheroes into that world but holds it together with an emotional core.

Both lead actors (James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender) play terrific parts and give the film its sense of grounding, which is amazing considering all the spectacular scenarios and people around them. I love that the powers were used to their full potential, so many great ideas went into the littlest things, you could tell the makers had thought about “so if a person had this power how would they use it in their everyday life?” and then to the other extent how they’d use them in set pieces like pulling submarines out of the ocean.

My only gripe with the film (and this maybe a minor spoiler) is that it ended as if this was going to be a one-off film, so all the loose ends were tied up (or set-up) and all the characters had become what they needed to be so to chronologically line up with the first X-Men film. This is a problem for me because I would have loved to see a few more films set in this era with these characters before they went their separate ways.

But as a standalone film it’s pretty great and is easily the best film I’ve seen this summer.

The marketing of First Class has really been a mixed bag. Anything involving footage from the film (i.e. the trailers, tv spots, etc) has been very strong, professional and sold the movie well, however everything else and the majority of image based marketing (posters, web banners, etc) has looked pretty terrible and cheap (apart from the above image). This is to the point where you'd think the different parts were actually promoting different films. I can't remember a recent film that has had such disparity (tonally) in it's different marketing channels.

Fortunately the final product is a solid piece of entertainment.

Movie Review – 9/10
Marketing Review – 6/10

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