Friday, 10 June 2011

Will Green Lantern Be Successful At The Box Office?

I’ve been debating whether Green Lantern will be successful at the box office so thought it was worth a MoviePush post. It’s something I’ve been wondering for a while because Green Lantern is not only a new franchise to Warner Bros, but I’d argue it’s a new franchise to the average movie-goer as well.

In the last couple of weeks the movie marketing for Green Lantern has gone into overdrive (especially here in the UK), tv spots are regularly repeated during commercial breaks on television and you can’t pass a bus stop without seeing a Green Lantern banner in the poster sites. Without a doubt Green Lantern is the most heavily marketed movie I’ve seen so far this year.

Warner Bros. have obviously spent huge amounts of money on the movies production and with the amount of advertising I’ve been seeing lately they are clearly investing heavily in marketing. They need this to be a hit and aren’t leaving anything to chance.

Yet with such a massive movie push, I haven’t really got the feeling from my friends or colleagues that they’re aware or even that excited for the film’s opening next week. This is quite different to when Thor was released at the end of April, a film in a similar situation but the vibe I got for that film was a lot more enthusiastic.

Even my best friend who loves superhero and sci-fi films isn’t that bothered about seeing Green Lantern, surely this film is made for him and if he’s not convinced, what about people who aren’t interested in either genre?!?!

There are also no public reviews for Green Lantern available yet, there was a screening last weekend that generated some positive tweets but none of which materialised in to full reviews. A film of this nature needs early buzz and positive reviews to work in conjunction with the paid for advertising to really get it off to a good start. Look at Avatar, a film that promised to be amazing yet people were unsure until people started seeing it and word-of-mouth spread confirming it.

I’ve recently got into the Green Lantern comic books and I think the potential for a movie franchise is huge in terms of the mythology that it’s based on. However I am concerned on how certain aspects will translate to the screen, specifically the ring and the powers it gives to the Green Lanterns. This looks great when drawn on paper, but I’m not convinced with the stuff I’ve seen in trailers and promo clips. If the special effects look too cheesy it could turn a lot of mature audiences away.

Of course the other flip of the coin is that in a summer filled with sequels, audiences may be ready and want an original franchise to get behind.

I hope Green Lantern is financially successful, as the comics are full of material and provide a rich universe that could be used for a variety of sequels. But a fanboy like me isn’t going to make this happen, so I hope the film connects with mainstream audiences and it becomes a box office smash.

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