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Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Movie Marketing Review

So where to begin my movie marketing review for Transformers: Dark of the Moon...
Transformers 3 Movie Poster
Well it does feel like they are trying really hard this time, Michael Bay spends more time on the story, the characters and slows down the action so it’s understandable (though I think that was more a result of shooting in 3D).

But man is this film long, I think it’s about 2hours 20minutues but it feels like a solid 3 hours which considering the fairly straightforward story seems over-indulgent. The pacing is also quite uneven, the first half is all set-up (which could have easily been done in half the time) and the second part is all action. The problem is that all set up gets boring and then so does constant action.

I also get the feeling some characters are just in the film purely because they were in the previous instalments and they don’t really serve any purpose. I’m thinking specifically of the infamous parents and John Turetto’s Agent from Sector 7, there’s just no point to them in the context of this story. If they got rid of them it probably would have helped reduce the over-long running time.

Now the 3D, it’s really strong here but I have a bit of issue with good 3D... Mainly because when it’s done well (like a great special effect) you don’t really notice it and therefore why pay extra for something you’re not going to notice. The flip side is when 3D is bad it glaringly stands out (but at least you can see you’ve paid for something different). That said this type of film obviously lends itself to the format and is used effectively.

I have a bit of love/hate relationship with the marketing of the Transformers movies, mainly because all the advertising for them generally makes the films look incredible. They set out a dark/dramatic tone on an epic scale, yet the movies contain some appallingly silly humour (never shown in marketing) which create some odd tonal juxtapositions. It’s toned down for the last half of the film but it’s definitely in abundance in the first part and just feels out of place.

If they delivered a movie that was played straight and to the same tone “promised” in the trailers, we’d have a much better film.

I’d say technically this is better than the second film as they try to tell a coherent story, but it’s just so dragged out it hurts the film overall. Let’s be honest you don’t go to a Transformers film for the story, you go for the spectacle and because this film spends so much time trying to tell a story it takes some of the fun away.

Movie Review – 7/10
Marketing Review – 6/10

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