Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ryan Reynolds Unmasked On Green Lantern Poster

With big budget super-hero movies, the studios generally let the franchise/brand name do the talking. It really doesn't matter what actor is playing the lead, the posters generally focus on the hero suited up and as with most superheroes this usually means their face is covered with a mask.

In the case of Green Lantern this was also true, the below image is one of the main promo posters for the movie that has been all across the web.
Green Lantern Movie Poster
So I was a little surprised when I saw the exact same poster used on various bus stop poster sites, but with one major difference... The mask is gone?!
Now I wouldn't say Ryan Reynolds is a huge star to really justify making his face visible. But it does potentially show that the studio is a bit nervous of mainstream audiences not recognising the Green Lantern brand so are enticing movie-goers with a friendly face. What do you think?

I couldn't find a decent quality version of the English poster, but I have found this Japanese one for you to see it in full.
Green Lantern Unmasked Movie Poster
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