Friday, 17 June 2011

How Much Green Lantern Movie Marketing Can You See In 30 Minutes

I’d love to know exactly how much Warner Bros. are spending on marketing the Green Lantern movie. Some reports say they're spending the same on movie marketing/advertising as they did on making the movie in the first place, so combined we're talking $300+ million to produce and market. That's a hell of a lot even for an established movie franchise, let alone a relatively untested property like Green Lantern.

Just how much movie marketing is being pushed out really dawned on me today (the day the film is being released) with just how bombarded I was with advertising for the movie in literally 30 minutes. Let me walk you through it...

Firstly, I was walking through town where I saw this poster site with a Green Lantern banner (I’ve seen quite a few of these already and commented on the unmasked Green Lantern in a previous post).
Green Lantern Bus Stop Banner
I stopped to read a newspaper and then saw a full page advert and as I continued walking home I saw a bus with a full super side banner on the side (unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of either of these).

Once I got home and put my computer on and loaded up the internet, my homepage automatically launched and went to MSN, where the whole page was taken over with advertising banners for the Green Lantern.
Green Lantern MSN Webpage Banner
I then went to Youtube to watch some video and again the whole front page was covered with Green Lantern banner adverts and the trailer streaming within it.
Green Lantern Youtube Webpage Banner
To finish this 30 minutes of full on movie push for Green Lantern, I turned on the TV right in the middle of a Green Lantern TV spot...

I will be amazed if any one says they didn’t realise Green Lantern was released today. But on the otherside, even if the majority of the public know when a film is going to be released, it doesn't necessarily mean they want to go and see it. So if the Green Lantern flops, this is going to be a very high profile flop.

Now I’m not going to say this marketing effected me in anyway as I’d already made my mind up to go and see Green Lantern tonight. Honest.

Green Lantern Movie Marketing Review coming soon.

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