Sunday, 19 June 2011

Green Lantern Movie Marketing Review

I really didn’t want to jump on the Green Lantern hate band-wagon, but this isn’t a good movie by any stretch of the imagination. In terms of other super-hero movies this is on a similar level to Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider and Wolverine. It’s nowhere near in the same league as The Dark Knight, X-Men: First Class or the first two Spider-Man films.

The movies poor quality has nothing to do with the concept, funny looking aliens or anything like that either. This is bad on a basic story-telling level and the way the film has been edited together. Annoyingly I think they shot enough material to make a good film, but the way it’s been cut together is extremely weak. Seriously, this film makes so many basic mistakes it’s hard to acknowledge some of the stuff it gets right.

I’ll give you an example... There’s a scene that occurs about half way through the film where the 3 main characters meet for the FIRST time (until this point we have no idea that 2 of these people even know the third) and it turns out they’ve know each other their whole life and should inform one of the characters motivations. This is the type of scene that should have been at the very start of the film and the relationships allowed to grow and develop, but it’s just shoe-horned in to push the story forward at that moment in time. That sounds bad in one instance, but things like this happen throughout the entire film.

Another piece of the poor editing is when Hal Jordan is reciting the Green Lantern Oath for the very first time, and for some reason it is being intercut with another character’s actions. Seriously this should be a key sequence in the film with all its focus on our lead actor, yet it’s being shared with some side story. The Oath is delivered better (and with more dramatic effect) in the trailer, which leads me on to the marketing...

You know the original trailer that was released and the majority of fans hated it due to the tone and vibe it set, then ever since then the trailers/advertising has been darker and more epic? Well that first trailer was the most honest piece of marketing Green Lantern has had released.

Every bit of marketing since then has been lies, which is a real shame because some scenes on their own work quite well but when put together as a whole just don’t gel. It’s the same with the acting, the special effects and the action. Most of it works on its own or well enough to cut a decent trailer, but this movie has been put together terribly in the editing department and that really pulls the film down overall.

As I said earlier, there’s a decent film in here somewhere but unless we get an extended (or recut) version I doubt will ever get to see it.

Movie Review – 5/10
Marketing Review – 5/10

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