Tuesday, 31 May 2011

X-Men First Class Sky Marketing Over LA

This blog could quickly turn into X-Men Push rather than MoviePush (especially with the review coming tomorrow).

Following on from yesterday's post about NFC technology being used in it's movie posters, today it looks like there's even more innovation in the X-Men: First Class movie marketing, and this time it's in the sky.

Reports of giant X's appearing over Los Angeles this weekend have been confirmed with THR posting the below photo.

I think this will build anticipation and get the public talking about the signs, but will the majority of people make the connection between the X in the sky and the new movie released this week? If anything it's original and may encourage some word of mouth to begin or even some viral marketing (after all I am writing a blog post about it).

I'm looking forward to film and will hopefully have my movie marketing review of X-Men: First Class up tomorrow.

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