Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What Is The Fast And Furious 5 Title?

The Fast and The Furious franchise sees the release of its fifth instalment in the UK tomorrow. Yet I’m still not 100% sure what its actual title is and the marketing campaign seems to be using different names across its trailers, tv spots and print media. At the moment the three most popular names appear to be: -

Fast Five
Fast and Furious 5
Fast and Furious: Rio Heist

For the longest time throughout pre-production and in the early trailers it was mainly referred to as Fast Five. Yet as the release came closer I saw magazine adverts with Fast and Furious: Rio Heist, and now we’re even closer they seemed to have dropped the sub-title in tv spots and are calling it purely Fast and Furious 5. Check a few posters below, all using the different names...
Fast Five Poster

Fast & Furious 5: Rio Heist Poster

Fast & Furious 5 Poster
This seems a bit strange as you’d think it would stay the same or be consistent across all media. My only guess is that it was agreed as Fast Five, though as they got nearer the release date, the movie studio got nervous and therefore thought they needed to include the “Furious” as well. But this doesn't seem to have been communicated to all they're marketing agencies.

What do you think? Personally my favourites is still Fast Five.

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  1. I'm annoyed they seem to have changed it to Fast & Furious 5 here in the UK, it was Fast Five when it was first released and that was a much better name for it. Are people really that stupid that they couldn't work out what franchise it was a part of? Or are studio execs just under the impression that people are really that stupid...