Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Source Code Movie Marketing Review

I imagine the marketers had a bit of a dilemma with marketing a movie like Source Code and here’s why...

As it’s an original movie (so not a sequel to an existing franchise), there is a certain amount of pressure from the studio to explain the concept to prospective audiences within the trailer (and I understand why they need to do this). The problem is that to explain the concept in the trailer you actually ruin the first main surprise of the film...

I would have loved to have viewed this film without seeing any trailers to gain a completely uninitiated experience, as straight off the bat you know Jake Gyllenhall’s character isn’t really on the train and you’re waiting for the first explosion.

Inception would have had a similar problem, but the marketing of that film played up the mystery and used that as a strength to entice audiences to see the film (I imagine “From the Director of The Dark Knight” didn’t hurt either) rather than explain it.

Despite this there are still several twists and turns throughout the film that leave part of the mystery with the audience.

I don’t really want to write too much about the film itself (as the less said and the less you know about the film going in the better) other than its really good, extremely original and I highly recommend it.

Movie Score – 8.5/10
Marketing Score – 7/10

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