Friday, 22 April 2011

Fast and Furious 5 (Fast Five) Movie Marketing Review

First a quick explaination of a MoviePush movie marketing reviews. Not quite a traditional review of a film, this is an opinion of whether the marketing successfully (and honestly) conveyed what audiences could expect from the film. In other word, did the film deliver on its “marketing promise”.

It's hard to review Fast Five, especially as an instalment in the Fast and Furious franchise because it doesn't feel like a sequel at all to any of the other films.

Yes the characters are the same and the story continues where the 4th one left off, but gone are many of the things you'd expect (there's not even a street race with heavily modded cars for example). Not that this is a bad thing...

The film is basically a dumbed down Ocean's Eleven, with some big loud action and fast cars speeding around. Overall I'd say it's a bit too long but the final chase through Rio is worth the price of admission alone.

So on to the marketing, well I've already talked about the name change, which actually is Fast Five after all that! I'm not sure why they bothered messing with it.

As I said the film doesn't really play like a typical Fast and Furious film, but I guess the marketing never really said it would and it all focused on the heist aspects anyway. So you'll get what you expect, even if it is dragged out a bit.

Movie Review - 7.5/10
Marketing Review - 7/10

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