Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Will Social-Media Spoil Scream 4?

I saw the trailer for Scream 4 in the cinema the other day and I couldn’t help but think will social-media ruin it? Let me explain...

I remember watching the first 3 Scream films (over 10 years ago now!) and even though the quality of the films decreased with each incarnation, the most fun was in guessing who the killer was and what characters were going to survive.

Especially in the case of the first film, when Drew Barrymore did all the publicity for the movie as if she was the main star only to be killed off in the opening scene (a genius twist for the movie and a brilliant piece of movie marketing to mis-lead the audience).

The first three were released as the internet was becoming mainstream so this sort of surprise wouldn’t have been spoiled.

That was then, when the internet was pretty much only available to people at home on their desktop PCs and most importantly before social media! I find it very hard to believe that a similar stunt could be pulled off in this day age. Social-media is accessible to millions of people through thousands of different devices, so if there are any such surprises it will be shared around the world within the first showings (even if doesn’t leak before).

I know some of you may say that could have happened with the internet for the first three, but this would have mainly been through official media outlets which come with *SPOILER ALERT* warnings, so therefore you could choose not to read these types of articles.

Newsfeeds and tweets for example generally don’t have spoiler alerts so you can very easily accidently read something about a film just by scanning updates without even expecting it! I’m going to try very hard not to ruin any of the surprises for Scream 4, so fingers crossed I succeed.

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