Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Watch The Dark Knight on Facebook

Is there no end to Facebook’s goal for total domination of the internet?

Following on the heels of everything else the world’s biggest social network is currently doing and introducing, it has today been announced that Warner Bros will be offering FB users (only in the US at the moment) the ability to watch movies from within Facebook.

The Dark Knight will be the first film to be tested using the new system, if you have “liked” the film you will be given the option to watch the film for $3, or 30 Facebook credits (these can be used to pay for various apps and games on the site already).

You can then watch the film through your Facebook account for up to 48 hours; it can be paused when you log out and resumed when you next log in. It will also have everything you’d expect from a Facebook app, with the ability to comment and share with friends.

The Dark Knight Facebook Page
 Warner Bros are obviously putting a hell of a lot of investment into their digital distribution efforts, having only just released iPad/iPhone app editions of The Dark Knight and Inception as well.

Is this the future of film distributions? Maybe, but I don’t think quite yet.

I can see this working well for something smaller/shorter, like TV shows, I mean I wouldn’t mind watching an episode of say The Simpsons from within Facebook, but I think I’d prefer to watch full-length features in the cinema or on my TV. Though I guess this is the initial steps and as more and more TV’s become internet enabled (or should that be Facebook enabled??) this could grow naturally.

Another nail in the DVD/Blu-Ray coffin? What do you think?

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