Monday, 21 March 2011

Overcrowded Movie Box Office in 2011

Did you see the US Box Office results this weekend? Pretty crowded wouldn’t you say?

Three fairly major new films were released (Limitless, Paul and The Lincoln Lawyer) and two of them are disappointingly fighting for forth and fifth place. Limitless landed in at Number 1, but it was followed by Rango and Battle: LA holding over from previous weekends in second and third place.

I’m not necessarily surprised and think this is going to be a common occurrence for 2011, I’ve mentioned several times before how there are so many big budget films coming out this year (which for movie goers is great as it brings lot of choice) but there’s only so much wallet share to go around and therefore not every film is going to be financially successful.

I can understand a film like The Lincoln Lawyer not making Number 1 (despite generally good reviews) as it is aimed at a more mature audience so will likely be a slow burner (older viewers tend to avoid opening weekends).

But a film like Paul should have fairly mass appeal and in a quieter weekend would have landed a higher position. I don’t think this is any fault of the film, but because three other “big” movies are already in the market place it’s bound to have a detrimental effect on the takings/position of any new film.

Unfortunately for the film studios this is going to be a regular thing this year, so they better get use to their films not necessarily having the kudos of being number 1 on opening weekend even if they do eventually end up making a profit.

Again in two weeks (on the 1st April) two major films are being released, both are aiming for the same demographics and both of them can't top the box office. I’m of course referring to Source Code and SuckerPunch. I want to see both of them, but it’s unlikely even I’ll get to see both of them straight away...

So do you agree? Do you also think the box office is over-crowded in 2011?

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