Monday, 21 March 2011

New Pirates 4 Trailer Brings the Epic Music

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strangers Tide got a new trailer today, and it follows the onslaught of posters that were released last week. Personally I think it addresses some of the issues I mentioned in this post, it’s still very Jack centric but focuses more on the main story points and gives the other characters some decent screen time!

The loud orchestral music adds to the excitement and aims to make everything very epic. However I get the vibe this is going to be more like the first Pirates film and on a slightly smaller scale than the two sequels (there’s no giant CGI maelstorms to be seen).

Actually the lack of CG in the trailer did surprise me, maybe it’s all still being finished in post-production or this sequel will use more practical effects. Either way I think subconsciously when you see big CGI money-shots in a trailer it makes it feel like a big budget blockbuster and as this doesn’t have them it seems smaller.

That’s just me but I’m hoping for good things after seeing this, a big improvement on the first trailer that was literally Jack Sparrow, action shot, Jack Sparrow, action shot, repeat...

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