Monday, 28 March 2011

Limitless Movie Marketing Review

So here’s the third of the MoviePush movie marketing reviews. Not quite a traditional review of a film, this is an opinion of whether the marketing successfully (and honestly) conveyed what audiences could expect from the film. In other word, did the film deliver on its “marketing promise”.

A quick overview of the movie itself... I thought it was ok, nothing spectacular but it was fairly easy to watch and enjoy. Bradley Cooper plays his part well and it was nice to see Robert DeNiro playing a character with no comedic turns for a change. There are also some great VFX shots that continually travel down a path that were pretty cool (you’ll know when you see them).

Marketing wise I wasn’t really aware of Limitless until a month before it was about to be released, so the pre-marketing buzz didn’t really kick in for me. Despite the amazing (yet subtle) viral marketing promo the rest of the Limitless marketing campaign was fairly basic with its use of trailers and printed media.

One thing I will say though is that the above trailer really played on the “sexyness” of the movie and the ability that the drug makes you “Limitless” (which for marketing helped sale the film as a piece of escapism). So I was surprised how much time was also spent with Bradley Cooper’s character not under the influence of the drug and these sequences are pretty dark and depressing as he faces withdrawal symptoms, etc. So the film wasn’t as glamorous as the trailers made out.

The trailer also makes it look like Robert DeNiro is the main baddie in the film, and him ultimately wanting to control Bradley Cooper is a major part of the story. This is not the case at all! The majority of dialogue and shots from the trailer that set this up are actually in the final scene. This is very misleading marketing, so don’t go in expecting Robert DeNiro to be playing the bad guy.

Movie Score 7/10
Marketing Score 6/10

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