Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Is Disney Over-Relying on Jack Sparrow to Market Pirates 4?

This week IGN will be releasing 5 exclusive movie posters to kick start the movie push for Pirates of The Caribbean: On Strangers Tide (4 character-driven posters and the main movie poster). So yesterday they released the first of the posters, see below.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stanger Tides Movie Poster
Looks pretty cool, a great character poster of Captain Jack right? Wrong, this is the main poster for the movie, the below image is the Jack Sparrow character poster.
Jack Sparrow Character Poster
I really like the look and feel of the poster, but it just seems a bit strange to only include Jack in the main one. The Pirate films have generally been assemble pieces and I would have expected the main movie poster to show most of the main cast not just one character. The poster does include the main actors names along the top, but their faces are strangely absence.

I get that Disney want to play to their strengths and Johnny Depp’s Sparrow pretty much made all the previous instalments, but it seems a bit over kill. Even all the trailers and TV spots released so far have basically been montages of funny moments with Captain Jack cut with some action.

I’m guessing the film will consist of more people than just Jack Sparrow, so it might be worth introducing them, especially including them in the main movie poster! The three previous movie posters were all focused on the group nature of the films (they had character posters as well) so when seen next to each other Part 4 looks a bit out of place.
Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Poster Comparison
The current slate of advertising for “On Stranger Tides” makes it feel like it will be a Jack-only affair, which I really hope isn’t the  case, as personally I feel Captain Sparrow works best when reacting and interacting with “normal” people.

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