Thursday, 3 March 2011

iPad 2: MoviePush Thoughts

Slightly off-topic to the usual movie marketing related posts, but anyone who doesn’t see an iPad as a huge marketing device and a sales channel to bring movies to market are missing the bigger picture (as was seen with last week’s post on App Editions of movies – more about that later) so I think I can get away with it. Here we go...

iPad 2 - Apple

Rather than a revolutionary leap forward, I think the iPad 2 is an evolution that actually delivers the definitive version of what the iPad should be. The original iPad itself was the “revolutionary” product, which was just missing a few fundamental features (most obviously cameras) and this refined and improved version delivers them.

The camera’s really are the only noteworthy new feature (for the hardware), I say this because Apple has become its own worst enemy (in terms of upgrades) as all the other new features (thinner, lighter, faster processors, etc) you just expect when Apple updates a product. And I’m sure all these features have taken huge feats of engineering expertise to implement, yet Apple are just getting too good at consistently improving their products. This isn’t a criticism, as I think iPad 2 is a fleshed out version of what the iPad (as a product category) fundamentally should be.

Before yesterday’s event there were many reports saying that the iPad 2 would only be an incremental upgrade and consumers should wait for iPad 3. After finally seeing the iPad 2 I disagree, I think this is the upgrade that delivers the new features, and iPad 3 will just be a refinement. I mean what can they really do now apart from upgrade the key hardware components - better camera, faster processors, higher screen resolutions (possibly retina display), maybe a bit lighter and thinner? Without dramatically changing the purpose of the device I don’t see what additional hardware features actually need to be added or are even required in a tablet (or post-PC device as Apple now refer to it).

I think going forward the main revolutions will have to come in the form of the software and a new iOS, as I suspect Apple seem to already be thinking as even in yesterdays keynote a lot of the presentation was dedicated to iOS 4.3, iMovie and Garageband.

So apart from the iPad 2 itself, there were 3 highlights from the event that I thought I’d detail a little further: -

Magnetic Case/Stand
A product that embodies everything Apple stands for, elegant, breath-takingly simple and “it just works”. Watch the video below to see for yourself, bare in mind the amount of hard work that probably went into this to make it work so simply.

Wifi Personal Hotspot (in iOS 4.3)
A feature that could potentially make the WiFi & 3G versions of the iPad’s redundant? I’m really looking forward to this as it means I save a bit of money getting the WiFi only version of the iPad 2, I don’t have to sign up to a 2-year carrier contract and can use my iPhone 4 as the 3G signal when ever its required. Genius.

HDMI Video Mirroring Output
This new accessory allows you to plug your iPad into any HDTV and the iPad screen is mirrored on the TV in 1080p. This is perfect for the App Editions of movies, as well as giving presentations or potentially even playing games on a big screen.

iPad 2 - Video Mirroring
You can see all the full features for yourself at the official apple website.

So do you agree with my thoughts?

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