Friday, 11 February 2011

X-Men: First Class Marketing?

Was the movie marketing for X-Men: First Class a piece of marketing genius?

Yesterday, the first trailer for X-Men: First Class was released, initially through the X-Men Movies Facebook page and then spread through various media outlet across the web.

Now irrespective if you thought the trailer was any good or you’re in to that type of movie, this was a very good move. The two main reasons: -

Firstly, The X-Men Movies Facebook page which only launched on Thursday and already has almost 1.9million likes (appreciated some were self generated by Facebook automatically adding people's movie interests to the page) but a lot was generated through people sharing and liking the page in anticipation for the new trailer across various social media platforms.

So they now have almost 2million people whose Newsfeed they can potentially have updates in as the release of the film comes closer to promote the movie.

Second, this is the most important (and basic when you really think about it) was waiting several days until the noise and distraction of the Superbowl died down. I mean seriously if it was your money, would you pay $3mil for a 30second advert during the Superbowl?

Granted, you have access to over 100million American viewers and many other millions all around the world streaming online, but you’ve got a hell of a lot of competition and a lot of noise to contend with. Forgetting that the majority of people are actually concentrating on the game, they're being exposed to advert after advert, and not only commercials for movies, there’s advertising for cars, fast food, fizzy drinks, the lot. So you’re not just competing against other movies, in reality you're scrambling for their attention and it's very unlikely you'll leave a lasting impression. High risk!

The day after the Big Game, news outlets, blogs the social webs is a buzz with chatter of all the commercials but obviously still lots of noise. So there’s no guarantee that after spending £3mil on an advert the majority of people will even notice it, let alone remember it.

So in X-Men: First Class case, they wait until all the noise dies down and release the trailer on Facebook (through YouTube) at the end of the week (relatively cheap method), news sites and blogs spread the trailer and with pretty much no other major movies news to compete with I guarantee more people will remember the X-men: First Class trailer than the majority of the movie tv spots that were broadcast over the Superbowl weekend.

I imagine this is why we didn’t see a Green Lantern tv spot during the Big Game either and wouldn’t be surprised if we get a 2nd trailer released in the next couple of weeks playing on the same priniciples.

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