Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Twitter Feed Update for Marketing Movies

Marketing Movies is what this blog is all about as it brings together two of my main interest – Marketing and Movies.

Yesterday I changed the twitter feed on the right of the page from the MoviePush twitter to my own personal twitter @rossbishop. The reasons for this were four fold: -

1) The @moviepush twitter was becoming a bit of a hassle to update (as you can see I’ve barely updated it in the last 4 months).

2) I update my personal twitter much more regularly and as movies and marketing are genuinely things I’m interested in my tweets tend to be primarily about this (as well as social media, games and apple) and therefore relevant to this blog.

3) I feel it makes it more personal. As the majority of my blog post are based on my opinion it makes more sense to have @rossbishop as the main twitter feed.

4) I also use my twitter to link to interesting articles on the web (again based around marketing, movies, etc) which sometimes inspire my blog posts or I generally just think people with similar interests should read.

Hope that all makes sense, and if you’re not already doing so please follow me @rossbishop


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