Thursday, 24 February 2011

Movie Marketing Reviews

I want to review movies in some way on MoviePush, but there are thousands of sites on the internet that review films and most of them are by journalist who see advanced screenings of the films, so by the time I’ve seen a film and then written a review there will already be loads of reviews available and the majority of the public will have seen the film as well. So for me to just write “another” review seems a bit pointless.

But what I have thought about doing is reviewing a film in relation to its movie marketing. By this I mean did the movie deliver on what was “promised” through its marketing and advertising campaigns?

For example how many times have you seen a trailer that makes a movie look epic in scale then when you see it the film feels quite a bit smaller than expected, or a comedy that looks hilarious but turns out to be quite boring and all the best bits were in the trailer anyway? On the flipside sometimes the marketing undersells an amazing film, so you may not be expecting much based on a trailer you’ve seen but then be completely blown away by how good it was.

I guess in summary I will be reviewing how “honest” the marketing for a film was and whether the movie delivered what was expected. Of course when marketing works at its best, it will build anticipation and excitement for the film (without giving too much away) and make you want to see it and then deliver an amazing movie-going experience (beating your expectations).

I will then end my review with a score (out of ten) for the film as it stands and a movie marketing score. So you could end up with brilliant film that had great marketing and give 10 out of 10 for both scores, or a great film that was undersold so 10 for film but pretty low score for the marketing, etc, etc.

I’ll start posting reviews like this shortly...

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