Friday, 18 February 2011

Movie App Editions: The Future of Movies?

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution has released App editions of Inception and The Dark Knight this week. The apps work on both iPad and iPhone and not only include the full movies, but loads of movie extras and interactive/social content.

Most of the extras for both movies can be found on their Blu-ray editions, but this is the first time they have been accessible on an iOS device. This gives the user the option to skip through scenes and watch the extras as well as offering various features that link with Facebook and Twitter so you can post comments or link to parts of the movie. It looks pretty incredible; but it’s probably easier for you to watch The Dark Knight preview rather than me explaining it...

Is this the future of digital movie distribution? For me I’d like to think so, as I’ve been reluctant to purchase any digital copies of movies due to the fact they generally don’t come with extras and just feel like streaming versions of the film. Now we basically have all the features of the Blu-Ray (and more!) in a package that is much more personal and interactive. Whereas Steve Jobs gave the iPad one of its biggest selling points by saying “You now have the Internet in the palm of your hands” you could arguably say “this puts the movie in the palm of your hands.”

I think Warner Bros. is doing something very special with App Editions, as they’re providing digital content in a way that is interactive, portable and full of extras.

Annoyingly the only missing feature so far is the ability to stream the content to an Apple TV via AirPlay. If this feature was added either to the App itself, Apple TV or across all iOS devices I think Warner Bros. have a game changer on their hands. I’m already very excited about this but would definitely start buying these versions of the films (instead of the physical Blu-Ray or DVD) if you could stream to your TV.

The App’s are currently available to download for free, they allow you to watch the first five minutes of each film and access some of the features. You purchase the full film by way of In-App Purchase and can then either stream or download the film to your device.

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