Monday, 9 August 2010

Piranha 3D Poster Swims Full Circle

As the release of the “guilty pleasure” summer flick Piranha 3D swims ever so closer we have had a new devilishly nostalgic poster released.
Let’s make no mistake, Atmosphere Entertainment are fully aware of the type of film they are advertising. All the trailers and previous posters have played on the knowingly fun and cheesiness of the film, this poster only affirms that.

At a glance the poster gives a very sinister look at a bikini clad babe relaxing on the water surface with the deadly Piranha’s waiting below. The poster could be taken quite seriously but it’s lovingly been designed to mirror one of (and pay homage to) the most famous summer blockbusters ever created (Jaws for those who haven’t clicked) and the original Piranha poster (a flick itself that was created to feed off the success of the as-for-mentioned big shark movie). You could say they’ve swam full circle...

The marketing of Piranha 3D has been extremely well crafted, the marketers haven’t taken themselves too seriously and they have fully embraced the B-movie nature of the film. Let’s hope the movie itself gets this much right and we could be in for a very fun night at the cinema.

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